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Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua

Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua

While you leave your home, your family is most concerned about your safe return even if you are going to a nearby shop or store. The thing of concern is that you will be walking up or down the street allowing vehicular traffic. There is the possibility of accidents without involving your mistake. Meanwhile, you could also get hurt or harmed though other means...Read More

Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua

So, it is always a wise practice to recite Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua whenever you leave home. Here you will learn about the prayer for leaving home as taught by the Rasool (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) with reference to the Sahih Hadith where it is found.

Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua:

Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua is performed to not only ensure your own safety but also guarantee the protection of your family behind. In the prayer, you beseech Almighty Allah for help.

According to the Hadith Sharif about prayer for leaving home, when you go out after reading the Dua, Iblees repents that he could not inflict any adversity or harm on you for you gave yourself under Allah’s protection. Meanwhile, the angels congratulate the reader of the Dua for giving himself/herself into Allah’s custody and getting protected and saved.

It has been narrated in Hadith No. 5095 of Sunan Ibn-i-Maja – one of the six most authentic books of Ahadees – that the Rasool (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) advised his companions (and followers) to say “Bismillah” and then recite the Dua.

Below is the English translation of Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua. The Arabic text and Urdu translation are also given in the Urdu section.

“I begin (this journey) with the name of Allah (Azawajal) and (set out) with full trust in Allah. The power to save one from committing a sin and enable one to do a noble deed only belongs to Allah.”

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