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Naya Chand Dekhny Ki Dua

Naya Chand Dekhny Ki Dua

As a complete code of life, Islam regards Ahadith as one of the two major sources of guidance, with the other being the Noble Quran. Though the Holy Quran also includes prayers to be recited at different occasions, it’s the vast pool of Ahadees which serves as the major source of Duas...Read More

Naya Chand Dekhny Ki Dua

The Naya Chand Dekhny Ki Dua is a prayer to be recited at the time of sighting a new moon. The purpose of reciting this Dua is to seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah and beg for His blessings in the time to come.

Here you can learn the prayer for sighting new moon along with reference to the Hadith. English and Urdu translations are also provided.

Naya Chand Dekhnay Ki Dua:

As mentioned in a Hadith Sharif in the book Jami’ At-Tirmidhi, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah Almighty be upon Him) used to recite a prayer at the time of sighting a new moon. The same prayer is now called the Naya Chand Dekhny Ki Dua.

English Translation: “Allah is the greatest. O Allah! Make it (the new moon) rise on us with (the message of) peace, belief, security and the power (for us) to do what you like. (O Moon!) Our and your God is Allah.”

Note: According to Iman Tirmidhi, the authenticity of this Hadith is poor.

Other Prayers:

The “Masnoon Duaen” section of provides you with various prayers with reference to Sahih Ahadees. In addition to Naya Chand Dekhny Ki Dua, here you can also learn about Duas for Aqeeqah, diabetes, enemies, husband, good job, health, marriage, eye pain, knowledge, teeth pain, leaving home, thunder, wearing clothes, eating food, Istikhara, Azan, and so on. Likewise, Wazifa for business and Namaz e Janazah ki Dua are also provided.

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