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Coral Stone, Marjan Pathar Effects in Urdu, Price and Color

Coral Gemstone Information in Urdu
Marjan Pathar - Coral Stone Marjan Pathar Information in Urdu

Marjan Stone Color Benefits in Urdu Coral Stone Healing Properties in Urdu

Coral Gemstone

Coral Gem—It’s Organic, Not Mineral:

As you know, most of the gemstones are minerals in nature but coral gemstone is of different origin. It is formed by living organisms and is organic in nature. The coral polyps living in the tropical and subtropical waters of ocean create antler-like structures. On the death of polyps, their hardened skeletons are left behind which, with the passage of time, get transformed into a gemstone. Majority of the corals are white in color but you can also find them in different other colors including those having orange to red hue.

The Most Valued Coral Gemstone:

Do you know in which color the coral is most used as a gemstone? It is none other than the Red Coral. It is the most valued gemstone from of coral. Owing to its demand and popularity, the Red Coral is also known as Precious Coral. Another well-known variety is the Black Coral. It has got black color and is built by the marine coral species that belong to antipatharia family. Corals are usually composed of calcium carbonate and have amorphous crystalline system. Concerning transparency, they may be translucent to opaque.

Color Patterns and Use of Coral Gem:

This rare and precious gemstone has been used by mankind for thousands of years. In majority of the cases, they are found only in lovely solid color. At the same time, there is possibility for them to be found in swirls or zones of multiple colors, including red, orange, pink and white. By the use of polish, you can bring out its glassy luster. The beautiful coral gems are used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use them either as beads or make small flower-like carvings for brooches and pins. People also make use of small branches of corals in necklaces.

Structural Characteristics:

Depending on the type of polyp formation, their structure may be either solid or porous. Here you also need to know that corals cannot give you a durable gemstone because they are usually very soft and brittle. You will also find it susceptible to chipping and scratches. That is why, if you already have the coral gemstones, you should handle them with some extra care. In case it is broken, all your investment will go into ruin.

Future of Coral Gemstone:

Laws have been passed at the international level for the protection of natural environment and the safety of life both on the land and the aquatic environment. Such laws prevent the use of corals as gemstone. That is whythe gemstone trade is on the decline.If this be true, the gem lovers will have to look for other gemstones.

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