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Onyx Stone Benefits - Sang e Sulemani Detail in Urdu

Sang e Sulemani Detail in Urdu
Onyx Stone - Sang e Sulemani Sang e Sulemani Introduction in Urdu

Onyx Stone Information in Urdu

Onyx Stone

Onyx Stone Benefits:

It is the unparalleled beauty, spiritual properties and magical powers that make gemstones so valuable. Their rarity also contributes to the value and appeal of gems. While the gemstones are mostly used of ornamental purposes, they are believed to have a wide array of health benefits. Here you will learn about the etymology, chemical composition, appearance, varieties, occurrence, and onyx stone benefits. It is known as Sang e Sulemani in Urdu.

The name of the gemstone “onyx” comes from a Greek word, literally meaning “fingernail”. It has been named so because its white and flesh-coloured bands sometimes resemble a fingernail. Onyx is chemically composed of the repeating units of silicon dioxide (silica).

Exuding unmatched beauty and elegance, onyx is a precious stone that occurs in more than one shades, such as white, black, blue and green. Almost all the varieties are composed of bands of alternating colours. And the colours of its bands range from white to almost every shade.

Onyx gemstone is found in many countries of the world, including the UK, many states in the US, India, Latin America, Canada, China, Brazil, Australia, and Yemen, etc.

Various health benefits and spiritual powers are attached to onyx, which is also called the separation stone. It is hailed as containing miraculous healing powers. People have been using it for relief from a range of mental and physical health related issues. Some people also herald is as a sign of good fortune for the wearer. It is also used as a substitute for the primary gemstones, such as emerald.

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