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Wazifa for Baby Boy from Quran or Sunnah in Urdu

In Islam, a baby girl is considered a blessing while baby boy a reward of Allah. Mostly, people are desirous of a son. Before Islam, people looked down upon the girl Even the girls were buried alive. Islam has changed the trend altogether. Anyhow, desire for a baby boy is not something bad...Read More

Wazifa For Baby Boy in Urdu

Quran Wazifa For Baby Boy in Urdu

Wazifa For Baby Boy

Muslims believe that choice for the gender of baby is purely that of Allah. The medical science has made a great deal of progress. But, it has been unable to devise a way for changing the gender of a developing zygote in the womb with 100% success.

The gender of a baby is determined at the time of conception and no one is able to change it. The visible signs of sexual differentiation appear after several months of conception. At this stage, the scientific inventions are able to tell you if the developing fetus is boy or girl.

Nevertheless, Islam offer hope and solution for everything. You can pray to Allah for a baby boy and Allah will answer your prayers. Here is the Wazifa for baby boys. Reciting the Great Names or Surahs from Holy Quran is an effective and tested strategy for this purpose.

For example, after the appearance of pregnancy, if husband recites “Ya Mubdi” 99 times while placing hands on the womb (belly) of his wife and repeats the process for seven days, a son will be born. Similarly, the Wazifa of Surah Al-Mulk and Surah Al-Teen is also recommended for this purpose.

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