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Cancer Personality

Cancer In Urdu
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CANCER (June, 21 - July, 20):

The Crab
Favorable color
White and Silver
ruling planet
Lucky gem
Best day in a week
lucky number
2,5,9,12 and 48
House ruled

Compatible partners:

The moon rules on Cancer and its element sign is water. Vivacity, vigor and energy all define its element. The symbolic characteristics of its element helps to develop the traditional traits in cancer People born under Cancer sign are best compatible with a Scorpion or a Pisces. Cancerian's vivacity can easily merge with the scorpion's zest and tie them into solid relation. Pisces is a suitable match for cancer. Enthusiastic Pisces also has tendency to deal with the passionate cancer at every level of mentality, physically and emotionally.

Traditional Cancer Traits:

Moon is the planet who rules on the cancer. It depicts emotional sides of its existence. That is the major reason to make cancers Emotional, Loving, Protective and sympathetic. Its zodiac symbol "the crab" reveals its influence to make him cautious and shrewd before taking any action. It is all about the positive aspects of cancer.

On the dark side:

Emotions are dominant in cancer because of its ruling planet. Cancers are easily influenced by it. Sometime they become Overemotional and touchy that might be unbearable for the next person. Cancerians are also very moody it is the traits that can bring occlusion in their life.


Moon is a symbol of natural charm that makes Cancer dramatic, imaginative and philosophical. Cancer should choose those professions that match his nature. Some fields like Teaching, law and psychology are the perfect fields for cancer.

Possible Health Concerns:

People of this star involve in such diseases that are related to stomach and nervous system. Emotions are also dominant in its health concern in the form of hysteria and depression.


Cancers are loving, protective and imaginative. They are very much concerned about their Children, Home and Country. They also like social gatherings and enjoy it.


Cancer doesn't like to see himself as a failure; he always tries to get success by hook and crook. People of this star strongly dislike to being told what to do, they are authorative in nature and they do what they like. Moody cancer also hates to give and take Advice (good or bad) from the people.

Hot celebrity of cancer:

Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Liv Tyler

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