Virgo Weekly Horoscope in Urdu 2021

سنبلہ کا ہفتہ کیسا گزر سکتا ہے


The persons who are born during, are called Virgo or Virgos. It is present in the newspaper as Horoscopes with another zodiac. And this sign is associated with the earth and the 6th sign of the Zodiac. Read More...

Weekly Horoscope For virgo

Virgo Weekly in Urdu (23rd August- 22nd September):

It has different origins depending on which mythology is studied. Most myths see Virgo as a maiden related to wheat. It is also associated with the underworld queen and goddess of harvest in Greek and Roman.

Horoscope for Personality:

The personality of Virgo is a humble, kind, practical, and self-aware person as like zodiac sign this week. They are brilliant, sharp, well ordered, and frequently tense, and have the mental energy. Virgos know how to win debates and the heart and minds of people. And they are super negotiators.

The zodiac sign is related to the earth. And it is shown in their efficient nature. Because they are sharp mind, sensible person and also have some traits. The Virgos person knows the value of hard effort. They aren't scared to put their whole effort into a project. They work with their heart and soul no matter how difficult it may be. They express themselves via art, dancing, and writing. Virgo people are loving and always there for you when you need them.

The personality of Woman:

A Virgo woman is;

  • Independent
  • Hard worker
  • Lively
  • Plain spoken.

Virgo woman seems arrogant and critical when you know more about her than you will like her.

The personality of Man:

A Virgo man is;

  • Actual
  • Hawk-eyed
  • Honest

A Virgo man is gentle and help full. He is a very down-to-earth person and always ready to help when someone needs them. However, he does not stop himself from daydreaming.

In simple words, Virgo, known for perfect personality and is single-minded in their decisions.

Horoscope for Love relation:

Virgos are romantic and loving partners and are interested in their partner's hobbies and lives. A Virgo understands their partners very well in every matter of life. Because of their sharp mind, they always look how to enhance their jobs.

Relaxation is one thing for Virgo to remember. Take a break and enjoy the little pleasures of life.

How Gemstone affects life:

Sapphire is the gemstone of Virgo. It is most suitable for Virgo and its natives. It brings happiness to your life.


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