Zamurd Price, Zamurd Benefits, Color and History in Urdu


Emerald—The Most Famous Green Gemstone:

Among different varieties of green gemstones, emerald is the most famous one. It is called Zamurd in Urdu. This rare and durable gem is highly valued by people from around the world. The beautiful green Zamurd color significantly contributes to Zamurd price and makes it one of most expensive gemstones.Read More..

Zamurd Pathar- Emerald Stone Zamurd Pathar Information in Urdu

Emerald Stone Information in Urdu

The startling green hue is rendered by some impurities in certain amounts including those of vanadium and chromium.

Prominent Traits:

There are further variations in the shade of green color. The emeralds with deep green color are most liked by the people. On the other hand, as the color shade gets paler, there is a gradual decrease in the value of the gem. Please note that the stone with very pale color is not emerald but another variety of beryl. If an emerald is subjected to heat treatment, the green color vanishes and the crystalline structure is changed. It assumes blue appearance which is the characteristic hue of another gemstone, i.e. aquamarine. Literally meaning “water of the sea”, aquamarine is actually a blue to blue-green variety of beryl.

Why Emeralds Are Treated?

What do you know about Zamurd history and the treatments given to it? In most of the cases, the emeralds have flaws which can be hidden by subjecting them to treatment. The gemstones without any flaw are rare to be found. Great value and demand is attached to the flawless specimen of this rare stone. Minute flaws are sometimes accepted by the people because they serve as a proof of authenticity of the gemstone. Oil and synthetic lubricants are used as a common industrial practice to treat emeralds. Such treatments are given to hide any flaws of emeralds as well as improve their appearance. In this article, you can also learn about Zamurd benefits in Urdu.

Fake Emeralds:

Taking advantage of the treatments given to emeralds, people have started making fake emeralds from inexpensive and cheap stones.Creating fake emeralds is not that much difficult. For example, if you take a deep green paste and use it to glue together two pale colored stones, the resulting product will resemble emerald. An ordinary man can easily be convinced to believe in its authenticity. Another method involves the faceting of green glass and coating it with a hard substance. It will show close resemblance with this rare and precious gem (emerald). Yet another method is to create them synthetically. Unwary buyers are unable to know about its synthetic nature and are ready to buy it. The experts, on the other hand, can easily distinguish the genuine emeralds from the fake ones. They can even tell you if the given genuine emerald has been treated with oil or some other lubricant to hide the internal flaws. So, if you also want to bring this precious stone home, and enjoy Zamurd benefits either go to a reliable dealer or get the services of an expert.


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