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Taurus Personality

Taurus In Urdu
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TAURUS (April, 20 - May, 20):

The Bull
Favorable color
ruling planet
Lucky gem
Best day in a week
lucky number
4,6,7,22 and 49
House ruled
Apr20_ May20

Traditional Taurus Traits:

Taurus ruling planet is Venus "the planet of love" has a great influence on the people who belong to this star. It brings tender feelings in Taurus and makes it calm, trustworthy, Warmhearted and loving. But its sign "the ram" also has a great influence on it. It makes the Taurus determined and ambitious. These are the traits that reveals the positive side of Taurus.

On the dark side:

Taurus Jealousy makes him possessive that also become the cause of resentment in him. Its symbol "the ram" the sign of unconquered force makes the Taurus inflexible and greedy. These are the traits that show the negative sides of Taurus.

Compatible partners:

Taurus sign is represented by the element earth and a symbol of ram. Both of them have the strong impact on Taurus. People born under Taurus are possessive, stubborn, patient and organized. Owing to its stubborn nature Virgo and Capricorn can make a perfect match with it. Capricorn and Taurus is a good match with a lot of similarities. They have the qualities which they want to see in each other, will bond them together. Virgo and Taurus have the same elements that help to develop the balance relationship between them.

Positive/Negative Taurean:

The confluence of its symbol and its element has a strong impact on Taurus. Its symbol brings determination, intelligence and cautious out of him. Sometimes over determination makes him obstinate. But the positive use of his stubbornness helps them to achieve their goals.


A Taurus symbol make him robust,practical,and determined which make him ideal for the Fields of banking, accounting and scientific research.

Possible Health Concerns for Taurus:

People of this star face the problems related to neck throat, shoulders and upper torso. People get throat infection easily and face the respiratory issue in the form of asthma. Risk of obesity is also higher in Taurus because of its life routine and habits. Exercise and healthy intake can solve lots of his heath issues


People who born under this star prefer Stability, Comfort and Pleasure in their lives.


Taurus doesn't like Disruption, Being pushed too hard towards anything and too compel to stay indoors. These are totally against his nature.

Hot celebrity of Taurus:

David Beckham, Janet Jackson

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