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Dua for Thunder

Dua for Thunder

A storm usually accompanies the flashes of lightening and crushing sounds that are very likely to make you extremely fearful. The only thing that can provide a soothing relief from the frightening sound produced during a storm is to recite the Dua for thunder...Read More

>Dua for Thunder

Here you can learn about this prayer in Arabic along with reference for the sake of authenticity. Its translation into Urdu and English is also given.

In addition to providing you with spiritual relief, the Dua for thunder can also save you and your family from the possible harm due to atmospheric electricity. The flashes of lightening that you can witness in the sky during the thunder storm can, in fact, come down to earth in the form of atmospheric electricity.

In November, 2019, lightening killed around 21 people in Tharparkar area of Sindh, Pakistan. Meanwhile, dozens of animals were also killed by electrical charges in the earth’s atmosphere during the rainy weather and thunderstorm. The incidents of this type are numerous.

The deaths caused by lightening during a thunderstorm also remind us of the fact that death is always hovering over our heads. In that context, reciting the Dua for thunder also means that you are preparing yourself for a departure from this world.

Did you know the thunder storms can charge up the atmosphere to around four hundred thousand (400,000) volts, thus acting as a giant battery in the atmosphere! During the lightning bolts created by thunder storms, the cloud storms can rapidly discharge huge amounts of atmospheric charge.

Dua for Thunder:

The Dua for thunder is given here in Arabic along with Urdu translation. Here is what the prayer means in English:

“Gory to Him (Allah Azawajal)! The thunder praises Him and the angel praise Him (for the fear of his might).”

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