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Dua for Zam Zam Water

Dua For Eye Pain

If your friend or a near and dear one has returned from Hajj or Umrah, you are likely to be offered the holy water from the Zamzam Well. So, learn the Dua for Zam Zam water beforehand....Read More

Dua for Zam Zam Water

Providing almost continuous supply of water for some four thousand years, the Zam Zam Well in Makkah, Saudi Arabia is the destination of millions of Muslims every year. The pilgrims after performing Hajj bring back with them bottles of this holy water and distribute it among relatives and friends in small quantities.

The story of the origination of the Zamzam Well dates back to Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). His son Hazrat Ismail (Peace be upon him) – who was also bestowed with prophethood later – scraped the land with his feet while crying for water and the water suddenly sprang out. This miraculously generated source of water is believed to have healing properties.

It was when his mother, Hazrat Hajra, was running back and forth between the Safa and Marwa hills to search for a drop of water for her son. The history reveals that she completed seven rounds of running between the two hills. In the remembrance of that pious struggle by Hazrat Hajra, the pilgrims (performing Hajj) also run between Safa and Marwa.

Here is the Dua for Zam Zam water which is to be recited after reading “Bismillah-i-Rahman-i-Raheem”.

Dua for Zam Zam Water:

While the Dua for Zam Zam water is given here in Arabic text along with Urdu translation, below is its translation into English:

“O Allah (Azawajal)! I beseech you for a profitable (useful) knowledge, excess of Rizq (provision, sustenance) and recovery from illness.”

However, there are other conditions attached to the provisions of these bounties of Allah (Azawajal). That is, you should seek knowledge as a religious duty, look for Halal Rizq only, and keep praying to Allah while you are ill.

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