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Sone ki Dua

Sone ki Dua

Here you will learn about the Dua to sleep along with the prayer to wake up as given in Sahih Hadith. Both the Sunnah prayers have also been translated into Urdu and English.

A sound sleep is just one of the countless blessings of Almighty Allah. Only those are cognizant of its true value who are restless. Even taking expensive sleeping pills in high doses does not offer a viable solution. So, if you are a blessed one to have a comfortable sleep, you should thank Allah by reciting Sone Ki Dua (prayer for sleep) prior to going to bed...Read More

Done ki Dua

Dua For sleeping at Night

Sone Ki Dua is also an effective tonic for those who are undergoing treatment for sleeplessness or insomnia. And there is a sound logic in this claim with reference to Al-Quran. Just read verse 28 of Surah Al-R’ad (chapter 13). It says:

“Unquestionably, by remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.”

In simple words, it means if you remember Allah (Azawajal), He will fill your hearts with peace and satisfaction.

The second most important reason why you should read Sone Ki Dua is to get a pious death if your life ends during sleep. When you close your eyes and enter the world of dreams, you can’t say with surety that you will ever wake up. While it is a type of death, Allah (Azawajal) breathes spirit into you again when He wants you to wake up.

Sakoon Se Sone Ki Dua:

It has been narrated in Sahih Muslim, Hadith No. 6312, that the Rasool (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited a prayer while going to bed. And he recited another prayer at the time of waking up.

The Sone Ki Dua is given in the Urdu section of the post. Here’s its English translation.

“(It is) with Your name (O Allah) (that) I die (sleep) and live (wake up).”

The Sunnah for waking up means:

“All praise belongs to Allah Who gave us life after He had put us to death. And to Him shall we (all) return.”

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