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Subah ki Dua in Urdu

Subah ki Dua in Urdu

Learn Subah Ki Dua in Urdu and English. Arabic text along with reference to the Hadith Sharif where it has been quoted is also given...Read More

Subah ki Dua in Urdu

Every new rising son brings new hope with it and opens up new vistas of opportunities to compensate for the past losses, prepare for the future and make fresh achievements. While a human being is totally powerless before the Divine Will, they should invoke the Supreme Being, i.e. Allah Almighty for the help as they begin their day.

In other words, if you want to lead a meaningful and productive day to avoid repentance later, the best thing you can do is to read Subah Ki Dua. It is a common phenomenon that people tend to shirk their responsibilities or at least keep postponing them till the day is over.

Now they are over-burdened, i.e. they not only have to complete the pending tasks but also do the new ones. In this way, the pending duties go on adding up and finally become an unbearable burden, which a person tries to get rid of. Subah ki dua will help you prevent such a dead-end, with no point of return.

Subah Ki Dua in Urdu and English:

It has been narrated in Sunan Abi Daood – one of the six most authentic collections of Sahih Ahadees – Hadith No. 5088 that the Rasool (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught a prayer to save one from any misfortune till the next day. This Subah ki dua is to be recited thrice at a time.

However, this prayer is not an alternative to Salah, which is an obligation. But rather, if you want that this Dua brings the expected results, you should offer Salah five times a day.

Here is the English translation of the Subah ki dua so that you may know what you say to Almighty Allah while making this prayer. The Urdu translation of this same is also given in the Urdu section of the post.

“(I begin) with the name of Allah (Azawajal). (He is) the Being with Whose name nothing in the land (earth) and in the sky can (inflict) harm (on anyone). And He is All-Hearing and All-Knowing”.

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