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Feroza Stone in Urdu, Benefits, Color, Price and History

Turquoise Gemstone Information in Urdu
Feroza Pathar - Turquoise Stone Feroza Information in Urdu

Feroza Information in Urdu

Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise – Valued Since Ancient Times:

Turquoise gemstone (also called Feroza stone) is one of the rarest and Feroza stone price is high in Pakistan and also Feroza stone rings are liked very much as it is one of the most valued gems in the history. People have been using Firoza stone as an ornament and a decorative item for thousands of years. Chemically, this opaque mineral is a hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper. The blue-to-green hue of the stone serves as a source of great fascination for the viewers. Unfortunately, like several other opaque gemstones, turquoise is now being devalued. The synthetics and imitations have contributed to its devaluation. If you want to learn about Feroza stone in Urdu, you can do so in this article.


During different periods of the history, the Feroza gem has been known by different names. The present name ‘turquoise’ dates back to the 17thcentury. It was the Turks who first introduced the mineral to Europe. So the French named it as ‘turques’ meaning “Turks”. Where did the Turks find it from? Well, they brought it from the Persian province of Khorasan.

Structure and Treatments:

There are pores in the crystalline structure of the stone. A natural waxy luster exudes from its surface. The specimens of turquoise are subjected to different treatments, such as polishing, slicing and dying. The impregnation of the gem with plastic lubricant serves to improve its luster. In this way it also becomes more stable. People have started taking advantage of such treatments which, in turn, enhance the Feroza stone benefits. They have developed fake turquoise by dying other inexpensive stones. In this regard, the most common example is that of white Howlite. When dyed blue, it shows great resemblance with turquoise.


The crystalline structure of turquoise has been found to contains different types of impurities. For example, pyrite flakes may be embedded in it which appear as shining dots. The porous structure of the gemstone contains various veins running through it. Sometimes, these veins are filled with black oxide. In other instances, secondary copper materials, like Chrysocolla, are intergrown together with turquoise.

Properties & Color Variations:

The physical properties of turquoise vary depending on the nature, type and quantity of the impurities present in it. Moreover, the mineral does not always have the same crystalline structure. This also significantly contributes to variation in the physical as well as chemical properties of the gemstone which, consequently, affect the Feroza stone price. Its hardness may be slightly more than that of a window glass. Turning to color, it shows many variations as is the case with other properties. Different specimens can exhibit the color variations ranging from white to blue-green or yellowish green. Sometimes, it may also appear as powder blue or sky blue.

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