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Zircon Gemstone Information in Urdu

Zircon Gemstone Information in Urdu
Zircon Zircon Information in Urdu
Zircon Information in Urdu

Zircon Gemstone

Zircon –A Cheap Diamond Alternative:

You can have an idea about the great demand and appeal of zircon from the fact that it is sometimes considered as a cheap alternative for diamond – one of the most sought-after gemstones. It has been used by mankind for thousands of years as a decoration piece and a jewelry item. There are traces of certain impurities in it, including the radioactive ones, which render the zircon gemstone its color diversity. The presence of radioactive impurities can prove to be dangerous as they can destroy the inner crystalline structure of the stone. So be careful. If you want to use zircon as a gem, go for those which have been heated to stabilize the radioactive elements present in them. Another purpose of giving heat treatment to zircon is to enhance the color and increase its transparency. Meanwhile, you should also note that minimal amount of radioactivity found in zircon is not harmful for health.

What Makes Zircon the Most Desirable Gem?

It is the great diversity of colors, hardness and fascinating fire and luster of zircon that make it the most demanded gemstone in the world. At the same time, there are certain varieties of zircons which, if subjected to prolonged exposure to sunlight,may get diminished in luster and darken in color. You can easily reverse the same effect by subjecting them to heat treatment. Though compared with diamond, it is not that much hard. So, if you bang it with great force, your precious gem may get cracked. That is why you should take extra care of its breakage while faceting or shaping it. If cut along the improper angles, zircons may look blurry. It is because of the strong double refraction that comes from improper cutting.

Color Diversity:

Some part of the immense appeal of zircon gemstone is also owed to its color diversity, i.e. it comes in a great variety fascinating color patterns. So you can buy zircon stone in any of these colors as may appeal to your taste and temperament. You can go for blue if you like confidence, stability, loyalty, wisdom and trust. The green color will serve to your taste for trust, stability, originality, happiness and boldness. For the lovers of joy and delight, the yellow color variant is also available. The people fond of creativity, enthusiasm and determination will have orange color to serve to their mood. Signifying stability, support and structure, the brown color has its charm in zircon. If your nature is included towards passionate love, adventure and facing dangers, just go for the gemstone that shows the color of extremes, i.e. red. The pink colored zircon is meant for those who have got cautious natures and are overly emotional. Being neither black nor white, the gray color of this precious gem symbolizes compromise, friendship and dependability. The white-colored zircon will be a piece of attraction for those who are fond of purity and innocence. Do you know if this stone is ever colorless? Well, it’s true. You can find the one displaying no color. In this case, it will take over the color of anything you put it on or inside. You can also find more detailed and interesting information about your favorite gem as given here in Urdu.

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