Numerology Number 1 Meaning, Life Path and Career

ایک (1)

Numerology One

Do you believe in numerology? But there are lots of people who have a staunch belief in it. They believe in the mystic relationship between numbers and the coinciding events. Answering to "What is numerology?", the numerologists claim that numbers have influence on the life and career of individuals. Read More...

Numerology 1

Numerology One

In numerology, different numbers (1 to 9, 11, 22 and 33) are assigned to individuals on the basis of their date of birth. Also the numbers are derived from the name an individual is given at birth. Precisely, you can call numerology the universal language of numbers. With the help of numbers, numerologists uncover information about the life path, mood swings and career of an individual.

What Can Numerology Do for You?

You can use science of numbers as a self-help tool to get information about your personal traits. Also you can determine the pattern of whole life. The knowledge of numbers is useful to make predictions about the future happenings. At the same time, you have the facility to learn about the personal traits of others.

However, you should also note that numerology has certain limitations. For example, it cannot predict everything about your future life. Secondly, though it indicates the opportunities and challenges ahead, it is still under your control to handle such things.

Numerology Number 1 Meaning, Lifepath and Career:

The numerology 1 number influences the life of those who are born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month. It is also the number of those born between 21st July and 28 August or 21st March and 28 April. Such people have sun as their ruling planet.

Here is important information about the people under the influence of number 1.

Positive Traits: The positive traits of numerology number 1 include love for freedom and leadership. They are self-starters, masculine and like to maintain focus on whatever they do. Such people also believe in strong will, courage and progress. Meanwhile, the people with number 1 are rebellious but in a constructive way.

Negative Traits: The number 1 also has some negative traits. For example, the people having the influence of this number are stubborn and selfish. This selfishness deprives them of the true peace of mind. They also happen to be quarrelsome, restless and proud.

Element: The number 1 has the element of fire. That is why the persons under the influence of this number have got hot temper. They are also quarrelsome.

Sacred Stone: The sacred stone for the numerology 1 is Ruby. The bright red color of the stone indicates that such people love brightness and prosperity in their lives.

Sacred Color: Golden is the sacred color of the number 1 in the science of numbers. The golden color shows that the individuals under the influence of this number try to make their life beautiful through struggle and progress.

Favourable Months: The favourable months of the year for the people with numerology 1 include January, May, July and October. So, it they want to launch a business or any other project, they should start it in these months.

Period of Fortune: The period from 21st July to 28th October is the fortunate time of the year for the number 1. During this period, they can expect a happy news for themselves.

Health Related Issues: The people under the influence of number 1 are likely to suffer from different health issues in life. For example, they may face the health problems like heart diseases, eye diseases and blood disease. They may also suffer from high blood pressure especially during the old age.


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