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Numerology Number 2 Meaning, Life Path and Career

Numerology Number 2 Meaning, Life Path and Compatibility in Urdu
Numerology 2

Numerology Two Numerology Number 2 Numerology Number Two

Numerology Two

Numerology 2 and Decoding the Patterns of Universe?

The science of numbers, numerology consists of both single digit and double digit numbers. These numbers are of great value for decoding the patterns of the universe and visualizing their effects on the lives of the individuals.

In fact, each number has a set of unique personality traits. So, the people under the influence of any of these numbers exhibit the same pattern of life path and career.

Pythagoras was the first to give the idea of linkage between the numbers and the patterns of universe. Then, the idea passed through the stages of gradual development. It reached the final form of numerology as it exists today.

Who Are Under the Influence of Number 2?

The individuals born on the 2nd, 11th, 20 or 29th of any month are under the influence of this number. In addition, the people having date of birth between 20th June and 27th July also get the number 2 in numerology.

The moon is the ruling plant of the number 2. It indicates that such persons are cool tempered. They try to avoid conflicts and seek agreement. Either as husband or wife, they try to be sincere and show affection towards their spouse.

The individuals with numerology 2 like to dwell in the world of imagination. So, they give less output on the practical front. Though they set very high goals in life but are unable to achieve them. The fortunate period for them is from 20th June to 27th July every year.

Major Traits of Numerology 2:

Some of the important qualities and traits of numerology 2 are briefly described as under.

Good Qualities of Numerology 2: Numerology 2 exhibits various positive traits for the people under the influence of this number. For example, an individual with number 2 is kind and caring. They like to lead a simple life. Sincerity is another good quality of such people. At the same time, they dislike disagreement and try to convince others for peace and agreement.

Bad Qualities of Numerology 2: The people under the influence of number 2 also show some negative qualities. For instance, they are shy, hesitant and timid. Such a negative quality prevents them from expressing their passions and creative ideas. Jealousy, hastiness, restlessness and selfishness are some other traits of such people.

However, such bad qualities are not the final fate of the people with number 2. They can surely overcome these negative traits through effective efforts.

Useful Information about Number 2:

Here follows some very useful information about the number 2.

  • The element of number 2 is water. And water is the source of life. So, the people show kindness and like to help others.
  • The moon is the ruling planet of number 2. It indicates that such people would have cool temperament and a peace-loving nature.
  • Monday and Friday are the sacred days for this number. It means, people are likely to get success if they start a project on either of these days.
  • The favourable months are February, April, August and November. So, any project started in any of these months will have more chances of success.
  • White is the sacred color for these people. Their attraction towards white is good for them.
  • Silver and platinum are the useful metals. So, wearing these metals will bring good fortune for them.
  • Pearl is the sacred stone for this number. Making use of this stone will bring good luck for them.
  • These people will have sweet tooth for salt. In other words, they will like to eat salty dishes.
  • North-West is the favourable direction for this number. It means, if the individuals with number 2 choose this direction for travel, the journey will be free from dangers and hardships.

Number 2 as a Husband:

Persons with number 2 prove to be good, loving and caring husbands. He shows more love and affection for his wife and the family members than that of others. There are two types of husbands under the influence of this number. The first type is of those who have strict and commanding nature.

They criticize every act and deed, and are hard to be satisfied with anything. The second type is of those who are lazy, agreeable as well as forgiving. They marry only for the sake of wealth so that they can spend the rest of their life peacefully.

Number 2 as a Wife:

With the numerology 2, a woman in the role of a wife is kind, sincere and affectionate. She shows satisfaction and expresses happiness over everything her husband brings for her. However, such women have a sensitive, doubtful and submissive nature.

They do not hurt or tease their husbands but like to manage the affairs in their own way. Though such women take the responsibility of all household matters, they like to spend more time in kitchen. At the same time, they are usually devoid of passion and valour. They often like to have such a life partner who is either much older or much younger than them.

Financial Circumstances:

The financial circumstances are tight for the people with number 2. As this type of people are lazy, they are unable to turn their financial dreams to reality. Meanwhile, they also lack physical energy. So, such individuals are unable to work hard continuously. They should be made to realize that great achievements demand a lot of energy and effort.

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