Numerology Number 6 in Urdu - Adad 6 Ki Shakhsiat

چھ (6)

Numerology Six

Th science of numbers, numerology tells you how a specific number affects the life of the person who comes under its influence. In numerology, there are nine single digit numbers (that is, from 1 to 9) and three double-digit numbers. The double-digit numbers are also called Master Numbers.Read More...

Numerology 6 Chart and Personality Traits

Numerology Six - As a Husband or Wife, Financial Position Numerology Number 6 - Health, Lucky Life Partner and Profession Numerology Number 6 Lucky Friends, Colors and Days & Dates Numerology Number 6 Lucky Jewels and Precautions

Numerology – How Numbers Affect Your Life?

On the basis of its dominant traits, each number is given a specific name. For example, 1 is the primal force; 2 is all-knowing; 3 is the creative child; 4 is the own who lays the foundation; 5 is a dynamic force; and so on. Similarly, the number 6 is given the title of the caretaker.

What is the criteria for assigning a specific number to an individual? There can be different ways to do so. An individual’s date of birth offers a great deal of help in this regard. For example, people born between April 20 to May 27, and September 21 to October 27 or on 6th, 15th and 21st of any month come under the influence of this number.

Masculine or Feminine?

In the 6, there are lots of feminine traits. In other words, femininity dominates the masculinity here. That is why the pronoun for this number is "she".

The 6 – The Most Harmonious of All Single-Digit Numbers:

Among all the single-digit numbers, 6 is considered the most harmonious one. A person, under the influence of 6 has the positive traits of responsibility, love, self-sacrifice, compassion, protectiveness and sympathy. Such individuals are loyal to their relations, fair in dealings and good teachers.

Owing to its protective and sacrificial nature, 6 is also called "the Caretaker". At the same time, 6s have some negative and undesirable traits. For instance, though inherently protective, they can occasionally become anxious, suspicious, jealous and emotionally unstable.

Numerology Number 6 Lifepath and Career:

The life of 6 is full of struggle to get the things right and make self-sacrifices for this purpose. Her sense of justice is well developed. So, on perceiving injustice around, she is ready to sacrifice all her time and energy to set the things straight. This, in turn, brings her spiritual pleasure and self-satisfaction. In this way, she is also able to attract the attention of others and earn their praise.

The 6 has a strong sense of responsibility. So, she does her job with sincerity and dedication sometimes even without the expectation of any reward. This earns 6s a successful career. They are good at the professions of teaching, healing, construction, counselling, legal field and law enforcement.

The time between 28th April and 24th May, and 21st September and 24th October is the happy period for them. During this time, they can expect better jobs, promotions or profit in the business.

The 6 as Husband:

The carriers of number 6 have a strong attraction towards women. So, they get married early in life. They expect decency and attractiveness from their wife. The 6s usually have so many children and love their family and home.

They are kind, generous and sincere but are often unable to fulfil the needs and desires of all the family members. This may create an unpleasant environment.

So, the people under the influence of numerology number 6 are advised to suppress and overcome their unexpected emotions. Otherwise, they will have to face severe consequence of unwanted emotional responses. It may make their married life worse and unbearable.

The 6 as Wife:

In the role of wife, the 6 favors compromise instead of separation. Even in extremely difficult situations, the women do not go for divorce. They can bear extreme hardships but won’t leave their life partner in the lurch. They are satisfied with what they get from their husband.

Such a woman also proves to be a loving wife and a sincere mother. She loves her domestic life and is a good housewife.


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