Numerology Number 9 Life Path and Personality in Urdu

نو (9)

Numerology Nine (9)

As the very name suggests, numerology is the science of numbers that tries to decode the patterns of the universe and their possible positive or negative effects on the lives of the individuals on earth. In this way, your birthday number is one of your core numbers. In other words, it is your date of birth which discloses your assets and tells about the special skills you possess.Read More...

Numerology 9 Chart and Personality Traits

Adad 9 Khususiyaat or Personality Traits in Urdu Numerology Number 9 - As a Husband or Wife and Finance Numerology Number 9 Lucky Friends, Colors and Days & Dates Numerology Number 9 Lucky Jewels and Precautions

It also informs you about the possible challenges that you might be facing in your life, while also giving suggestions how to overcome them.

What’s It All About?

Though all the numbers in numerology have got significance, four of them have deep impact on your life and personality. So, they are called the core numbers. The four core number in numerology of a person are: Birthday Number, Lifepath Number, Heart’s Disease Number and Expression Number.

Where is your date of birth number derived from? The numerologists derive it from the date of the month on which an individual is born. Here the month and the year are not of that much importance. So, you can say that it is the single or double digit number (your date of birth) which defines the trials and talents that make up who you are.

Meaning of Numerology Number 9 – Global Awareness:

The defining characteristic of the numerology number 9 is the ‘global awareness’. The key positive traits of the number 9 include helping behavior, compassion, charity, generosity, creativity, pride and self-sacrifice. However, they are also romantic, aristocratic and self-sufficient. Among the negative traits of 9, it is cold, arrogant, egocentric and mentally unstable. Meanwhile, it is also characterized by fickleness, discontentment, self-pity and excessive sentimentality.

Gender of Number 9 – Tall, Loving Queen:

The 9 is neither totally masculine nor wholly feminine. However, the feminine traits are dominant over the masculine traits. So, numerologist find the pronoun “she” to be more suitable for this number. She is a tall, loving queen that feels closely connected with all of the mankind and shows compassion from them. At the same time, you will find her hard to reach. She likes to float above the small-minded issues which may be very upsetting to others.

The 9 – Most Worldly and Sophisticated of All Numbers:

The 9 has some unique and peculiar traits for which it is called the most worldly and sophisticated of all numbers. It combines in itself some qualities of number 6 with broad scope. For example, while six is the symbol of love for family, friends and acquaintance, the 9 offers love to the world at large. It offers compassion and sympathy to everyone in general. Meanwhile, it has the global consciousness more than that of any other number in numerology.

Full of Humanity and Tolerance:

Being a humanitarian, the 9 is able to comprehend the connections between all of mankind and finds no real difference between the next-door neighbor and a person living in the far-off corner of the world. It is full of humanity and sincere love for everyone without taking into account their caste, color and creed. At the same time, it happens to be the most tolerant of all numbers.

Eloquent and Expressive:

It’s up to you whether you love or hate her (the 9), it won’t bother her. But she cannot make compromise for the respect. You have to give here the respect she demands from you, otherwise you will have to face her displeasure and arrogance. She is talented and creative and, when expressing herself, proves to be quite eloquent.

Who Comes Under the Influence of 9:

People born on 9, 18 or 27th of any month will come under the influence of the 9 and, consequently, get her negative and positive traits. Moreover, a person born between 21st March and 26th April or 21st October and 27th November will also be assigned this number.

Favorable Months:

Favorable months for the number 9 are those months during which there is the likelihood of making profit, earning good fortune or making good decisions. January, May, July and October are the favorable months for those leading a life under the influence of the 9. If they are going to launch a business, it will be wise for them to start it in any of these months.

The 9 as Husband:

The 9 is energetic, romantic and caring. In the role of a husband, the carrier of the number 9 is so passionate about the married life. He looks for an attractive and beautiful life partner who can satisfy his sextual desires and also shows obedience. Such a person likes to get an equally intense and strong romantic response from his wife. He also takes interest in the children and likes to spend time at home with family. Overall, he enjoys a warn and successful married life.

The 9 as Wife:

The 9 in the role of a wife proves to be very good life-partner in case she is married to a civilized and cultured man. She is vigilant, convincing and eloquent in conversation. Such a wife acts as a helping hand in the business of her husband. It results in an increase in the family income. If such a woman marries a passionate and possessive man, they have the very likelihood to lead a very happy married life.

Suitable Career Choices:

Serving in the armed forces, like Army, Navy and Air Force, are the suitable jobs for those assigned number 9. They will also feel comfortable while serving in any medical field. They can also do well in politics. For business, property dealership or dealing in iron or steel will be more suitable for them.


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