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Wazifa For Love and Attraction in Urdu

One cannot live without love. It can be considered the part of one’s soul. But, there is difference between love and lust. The first major difference is that love is life-long while lust is short-lived. Secondly, love is a selfless emotion and lust is a selfish desire. Thirdly, in love, people care for others while, in lust, people care only for themselves...Read More

Wazifa For Love and Attraction in Urdu

Wazifa For Love in Urdu

Wazifa For Love and Attraction

Concerning love, it can be of two types, i.e. divine love and worldly love. The divine love is a sacred passion. On the other hand, the worldly love can be of further two types, viz. the love for wealth and the love for humans. The love for humans is again a sacred passion. It can be with parents, siblings, children, opposite gender and the people in general.

There is the verse 63 of Surah Al-Anfal of the Noble Quran:

“And (Allah) created love in their hearts (and brought them together). If you had spent all (the wealth) that is in the earth, you would not have been able to bring their hearts together. But Allah brought (their hearts) together (in love).”

When you are in love with someone and you can’t have that person, it is an extremely painful situation. You make every possible effort to have that person in your company. You are ready to put at stake even the most precious and valuable thing you have, including your life!

Here is a very good and easy option at your hand to get the love of someone, i.e. the Wazifa for love and attraction. Yes, with the help of Wazifa for love and attraction, you can not only get the love and attraction of your beloved but also have them in your company.

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