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Gemini is a Latin word and symbolizes the twins. If you are born between the last days of May and starting days of June, then you are Gemini.Today astrology you, must follow the advice for Gemini to find love, good luck, and health.Read More..

Gemstone of Gemini:

Agate is the birthstone of Gemini. It is also called a pearl.

Agate has many colors and a variety.

Gemini needs a gemstone who supports their intellect, helps them, and gives positive energy to them.

It brings positive energy and neutralizes the nerve of the Gemini.

Positive Traits of Gemini:

1. Intelligent :

Gemini is a sharp mind, a deep observer, and a good thinker. They know how to deal with people. They are clever and try to explore new things and research.

2. Adaptable:

Sometimes people feel difficulty in adjusting and feel uncomfortable during difficult situations.

But Gemini is adaptable in every situation and environment. If their plans are failed they don't disappoint themselves.

They know how to change their minds according to the situation.

3. Social Butterfly:

If you have contact with Gemini, boredom cannot enter your life. Gemini is full of fun and love. And they are very social.

They love traveling and adventure.

4. Loyal:

One of the best traits of Gemini is that they are Loyal to their friends and partner. They always stand by your side and want you happy.

5. Honest:

Gemini is very honest which, is rare nowadays, but people know them because of their honesty.

6. Creative :

They are very creative and always try to do creative things. Gemini has a lot of creative ideas in their mind which they apply to their life and work.

7. Active person:

They are full of energy and do work with activeness. Gemini is always ready to do tasks and projects.

Negative Traits of Gemini:

1. Lack of consistency:

Gemini lacks a consistent person if you ask a Gemini to do long projects, but later you find that they are the wrong person.

Gemini doesn't want to stick with long-term projects. They get easily bored during work. They lose their interest in different things and move over others.

2. Flirty:

Gemini is flirty from nature. We see that they are not constant with anything. They are not stuck with one person and move over another because of their flirty nature.

3. Superficial:

Gemini is superficial by nature. They want to get knowledge on everything but not in an intense way. They don't like the dee discussion on topics.

They want everything superficial.

4. Lack of decision making:

They are confused while making their decision and seek suggestions from others in matters of their life.

5. Confused:

Gemini is a confused person. They always waste their time on aimless things and their confusion. They are also confused when people ask different questions to them. It is not easy to deal with Gemini in this situation because they also waste the time of others.


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