Libra Mizan Man Traits


In present astrology, the people born end of September and starting days of October are called Librans. And word libra is derived from the Latin language. In today's horoscope, follow the given advice to gain health, wealth, and luck for Librans.Read More..

Gemstone of Libra:

Opal is the birthstone of Libra. Its color is white pale and brings power and positivity to Libra's life. It enhances Libra's strength. But the opal in orange-red color is more effective than others. It brings the love for the Libras. Opal enhances the emotional ability and loyalty of the Libras.

Its positive effect on Libra's life.

Positive traits of Libra:

1. Romantic: They are romantic by nature and ruled by the planet of love, Venus. Everyone is crazy in love but, Librans are on another level of love. They are complete to love addicted. Libran is the charming personality in the world. They are the most favorite person of everyone.

2. Charming:They are charming by personality and attractive people. They are a bit flirty too. Librans' charm and friendly nature make them attractive to others.

3. Great listeners: : Librans are great listeners by nature. They observe all the information and ideas around them. They like to listen most of the time and spend their time listening. Therefore they have good speaking skills. They talk very smoothly because they take care of others' emotions and feelings. Before making any decisions, Librans listen to everyone's side's story. And then they come up with a fair conclusion.

4. Fair: They are known for fair judgemental minds. Librans always encourages the right solution. And this makes you a wonderful judgemental person. Librans are always supporting the right things and persons. They analyze every situation related to the matter with a logical mind. With the help of your mind, you can arrange all things well and remove the illogical points.

Negative traits of Libra:

1. Lazy: They are very lazy from nature. You can see that the Lazy word also starts with L.Librans sometimes, lazy from mentally or physically to do a given task. They try to do easy work.

2. Unreliable: They are sometimes unreal by nature. Librans are unable to stand even for themselves also and, then it is difficult for Librans to make a decision. It is hard for you to decide which way is better for you and your future. You face a hard time making decisions

3. Manipulative: : Librans are like to manipulate others. They can know the weakness of others to dig down them. It is easy for Librans to exploit others. And get the things they want by bullying others. You are a pro diplomatic person. You always don't know for your logical mind.

4. Emotionless: They are known as emotionless by nature. They don't deeply see things and also don't feel things properly. They don't try to understand the matter deeply. And may hurt your emotions because of this trait. They don't even try to understand others' feelings for themselves.


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