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In present astrology, the people born in the end days of November and starting days of December are Sagittarius. But today's horoscope, you must follow the given advice to gain wealth, health, and luck for Sagittarius. And its element is fire.Read More..

Gemstone of Sagittarius:

Turquoise is the gemstone of Sagittarius. Its color is blue which, means emotional support. By wearing the Turquoise, you feel inner relaxation.

Turquoise brings happiness, success, and positivity. It helps you to enhance your life and make life easier for Sagittarius. Blue Turquoise is more effective than others. Its ability to observe negative feelings from your life.

Positive traits of Sagittarius:

1. Smart: Sagittarians are intelligent, sharp, and clever by the mind. They have abilities to take risks and handle difficult situations. They take ten steps ahead of others. They want to explore new things. They love to do adventures.

2. Caring: They are caring by nature. They can understand others' emotions and feelings. They try to keep them happy. They care for you deeply but don't show it. They stand by your side no matters whats the situation is. They try that they don't hurt you on anything. Sagittarians respect your feelings and always console you in the critical period.

3. Deep: They are deep thinkers on every topic of life and others. They try to investigate every single thing about the person next to them. They want deep conversation and discussion on easy and simple topics.

4. Honest: Saggitarius are honest than others. They don't care about others in this behavior. They always try to be honest with everyone. They are independent, friendly, and full of fun humans. Sagittarius loves to do funny and creative things. They try to keep you happy in every situation.

They are trying to be positive in every matter of life.

Negative traits of Sagittarius:

1. Impatient: They are impatient by nature. They don't want to slow down. They always do things in a hurry. They are restless. When things are not moving, then they show their anger. They want things before their time.

They are very impatient personalities.

2. Careless: They act carelessly sometimes. Sagittarians hurriedly take risks and, others face the disadvantages. Sometimes they talk with others in a hurting manner and don't see that others get hurt because of their harsh words. They only see their feelings, not the others. And other people criticize them because of their carelessness.

3. Attention seeker: They want to be the center of attention. They are mostly attention seekers. They try to do different things to gain attention. And because of this others, get irritated with them. And no one tries to talk with Sagittarians. They get jealous when others don't give them attention.

4. Brutal: They are brutal sometimes. Sagittarians act nicely and sweetly when they need something from you. They act as a time bomb. When they show their aggressive side, you will remember it for a long time. They will do anything with you in their aggression.


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