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Cat's Eye Birthstone

Characterized by a narrow band of concentrated light rays across its width, the Cat’s Eye gemstone occurs in different hues and colors. The appearance of such a band of light is termed as cat’s eye effect. And this is what gives the stone its name.Here it is also worth noticing that there are several other types of stones as well that give off the same effect. Read More..

Lehsunia - Cat's Eye Lehsunia Information, Properties and Identification in Urdu

How to Buy and Wear Lehsunia Stone in Urdu Cat's Eyes Benefits and Protection in Urdu

Cat’s Eye Effect in Cat’s Eye:

The cat’s eye effect is produced by the presence of parallel running fine and slender mineral fibers which collectively reflect the light rays in a single band. Before being used for decorative purposes, the stone is highly polishedand the corners are made sufficiently rounded.

Color Patterns:

The gemstone cat’s eye comes in a variety of colors. Such stones also differ on account of the intensity of light they reflect. The best known of these is Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye that has the strongest cat’s eye effect. That is why the term “Cat’s Eye” is specifically used for Chrysoberyl.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye birthstone may be having the color shades of gray, purple and brown. You are also likely to find them in green, red, orange, pink, yellow and blue hues. As far as transparency is concerned, the gemstone is translucent.

Value Judgement:

The worth or market value of the cat’s eye gemstone depends specifically on the intensity and clarity of the light band going across its width.In different stones, it may vary from weak to strong.The straight and bright light effect is usually most liked by the buyers.

The strength and perfection of this effect further adds to the value of the stone. Sometimes the light band becomes so weak that it appears as a floating light reflection. Such a condition is termed as cymophane effect.


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