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Pearl Gemstone

You would have come across various different types of highly valuable gemstones the majority of which are of mineral or inorganic origin. However, they can also be of organic nature. Could you ever imagine that small sea creatures would be making a precious gemstone? It is amazing to note that the same has occurred. Read More..

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Pearl Stone Stone Color Benefits in Urdu Pearl Stone Healing Properties in Urdu

Pearl – A Gemstone of Organic Origin:

The peculiarity of pearl gemstone lies in its organic nature. It is produced by living organisms and contains organic matter as its essential ingredient. These are the mollusks, particularly oysters and mussels, that synthesize pearls inside the layer of soft tissue in their body.

Chemical Composition of a Pearl:

Do you have any idea about the composition of the extremely beautiful gemstones, you call pearls? By composition, they are made up of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and a tough, insoluble proteinous compound, called conchiolin.

Both the compounds, i.e. calcium carbonate and conchiolin, are secreted by an oyster or mussel. They form concentric layers which appear as rounded, circular rings around a central point.

Color Patterns:

A pearl has been regarded as a highly valuable and precious gemstone since the ancient times. It may exhibit a number of different colors, including those of white, black, yellow, green and blue. You can also find it in different other color patterns, such as gray, purple, pink and brown. Meanwhile, there is also possibility that a pearl will exhibit multiple colors at the same time.

Most Popular Forms:

Akoya Pearl is one of the most popular forms of the gemstone. Here the word “Akoya” has its origin in the Japanese language. Naturally, it looks white in appearance. Sometimes, it is subjected to treatments which result in change in its hue from white to dark blue or black. In this way, the buyers get more choices for the color, and they can go for the one that is most appealing to their taste.

Metallic luster and a consistent rounded shape serve as characteristic features of this particular variety of pearls. Akoya pearls usually occur in the salt-waters along the coast of Japan. Golden South Sea Pear and White South Sea Pearl are other popular types of the gemstone. As the very name suggests, they are found in the South Sea.


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