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Weekly Horoscope For Cancer

Yeh Hafta Kaisa Guzray Ga In Urdu For Cancer
Weekly Horoscope For Cancer

Cancer Star Information (22nd June - 23rd July):

Cancerians Undergo Frequent Mood Fluctuations

Cancerians undergo frequent mood fluctuations. They experience high and low moods coupled with changing emotions. At one point in time, they might appear very agile, extrovert and fun loving but at the very next moment they may withdraw themselves from the ambience, sitting isolated and lost in their own world. This trait of theirs can easily help you in identifying them.

Family Oriented

To them, family comes first. Cancerians accord great importance to their family and would go to any length to protect them. These people can move mountains to fulfill the needs of their beloved ones. They have profound love for their children and see them as an extension of themselves. They teach them good manners, expect social conformity and want them to exercise immaculate habits. Furthermore, Cancerians are very attached to their homes. It makes them feel safe and puts them perfectly at ease. These individuals are extremely concerned with the decorum and would spend lots of money in filling their homes with things that give them comfort and make them feel secure. For a Cancerian, home is the best place!

Artistic And Creative

Cancerians make extremely creative people. Their creativity might go wild if not expressed. They feel great pleasure in sharing their work with others and often expect considerable admiration and appreciation for it, in return. A Cancerian finds great gratification in expressing himself creatively.

They Make Excellent Workers

These workaholics are going to be amazingly enthusiastic and would enjoy spending a great deal of time at the work place. Cancerians make great engineers, doctors, dentists, military officers, entrepreneurs and sales person

Cancerians Can't Handle Rejection

Being fearful of rejection, Cancerians might be hesitant in expressing their feelings. They detest rejection. For similar reason they are pretty prudent and cautious while handling their affairs. Their insecurities often put them on the back foot, compelling them to adapt a defensive approach towards life.

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