Weekly Horoscope For Capricorn

جدی کا مہینہ کیسا گزر سکتا ہے

Awfully Ambitious

Capricorns make highly ambitious people. They aim high and devise appropriate strategies for its achievement. They have an insatiable urge of excelling with time which makes them one of the most successful people in the world. These individuals earn great admiration at the work place for being determined, practical, enthusiastic and reliable.Read More...

Weekly Horoscope For capricorn

Capricorn Star Information (22nd December-19th January):

They look problem in the eyes are never shaken by the enormity of task. Everything is do-able for a pumped up Capricorn!

Extremely Selfish People

Capricorns have a strong bonding with the world. They turn very selfish when it comes to fulfilling their goals. Their insatiable urge to acquire a higher place in the society often withdraws them from the world around.


Talking about relationships, Capricorns make loyal, genuine and trustworthy people. They are often biased and inclined towards favoritism. They put an exaggerated faith in their ideals which often ends up in disappointment. They may have numerous affairs for their love for beauty. Their marriages my fail for the same reason.

They Learn From Failures

Capricorns are never demoralized by failures. They learn from their mistakes and once they have made a mistake, they would never make it again. They remain focused and never cease to strive for the achievement of their goals. Once they set a target, they would achieve it, either by hook or by crook. They are resolute in actions and are barely bothered by failures.

Negative Qualities Of Capricorn

Many people including me hate Capricorns for being perfectionist. Capricorns lack direction and it's hard for them to stick to a single goal. Their determination often takes a negative turn and they end up being stubborn. Being highly ambitious beings, Capricorns would even adapt illegitimate means in attaining their goals. Oftentimes, they may act rude, become unemotional and ruthless.


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