Weekly Horoscope For Pisces

حوت کا مہینہ کیسا گزر سکتا ہے

Pisces Make Great Artists!

Pisces individuals are a blend of creativity and imagination. Their imagination often turns wild. They possess an exceedingly artistic soul for their vivid and vast imagination. They are always open to new ideas and possess a deep love for freedom.Read More...

Weekly Horoscope For pisces

Pisces Star Information ( 19th February-20th March):

They are passive thinkers and are adept in art related works. Many eminent poets, writers and musicians are born in this period.

Mysterious And Inquisitive

Pisces do have a mysterious side in their personality and are often marked as superstitious. These individuals have great love for research and are always busy in investigating the unknown. If people born with this zodiac sign develop a strong will power, they can reach any height of success. Pisces make extremely emotional and shy beings. They are open for opinions and can be easily influenced.

Pisces Friendship

Pisces individuals make devoted and sincere friends. A Pisces friend would never let you down and will ensure his support when times are bad. They are never egoistical when it comes to their personal relations and would support you by any means. Furthermore, Pisces individuals are very compassionate and can easily judge if someone is having a bad time. Due to their desire to help others, they may often get depressed when someone cheats or betrays them. After successive betrayals, they may begin to distrust people. They may find that their compassionate and caring nature often puts them in trouble.

Negative Side Of Pisces

Pisces have always lacked in terms of mannerism. They live in their dream world, far away from the reality. It is very difficult for Pisces individuals to come out from their dream world into a world of reality. Furthermore, Pisces are ordinary when it comes to communication. As they are unable to get their point across clearly, they are often tagged for being anti-social and remain misunderstood throughout their lives. Another evident flaw is their unreliability. They can't stick to a task and switch it too frequently.


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