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Ambiya A.S Ka Falnama in Urdu


Ambiya A.S Ka Falnama in Urdu

Falnama Ambiya A.S. may be helpful to revoke Almighty Allah’s mercy in the state of difficulty and helplessness. Here the practice has been explained in English. However, for the sake of convenience, Ambiya A.S. Ka Falnama is Urdu is also provided.

Through this Falnama, you may make predictions about what might happen (good or bad) in future. However, prior to looking for your “Fal”, make sure that you have performed ablution and recited Surah Fatiha, Surah Akhlas and Ayat-ul-Kursi along with Awwal-o-Aakhir Darood Sharif.

After that, close your eyes and revolve the index finger (Shahadat Ki Ungli) on the Ambiya A.S Ka Falnama in Urdu or English. Randomly place it somewhere, open your eyes and note the name of the prophet under the index finger.

The next step, obviously, is to move to that name of the prophet and read the “Fal” on the description section of the page.


  • Hazrat Adam A.S.
  • Hazrat Shees A.S.
  • Hazrat Idrees A.S.
  • Hazrat Salih A.S.
  • Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.
  • Hazrat Ismail A.S.
  • Hazrat Yaqub A.S.
  • Hazrat Yusuf A.S.
  • Hazrat Shu’ayb A.S.
  • Hazrat Ayyub A.S.
  • Hazrat Khizar A.S.
  • Hazrat Dawud A.S.
  • Hazrat Sulayman A.S.
  • Hazrat Īsā A.S.
  • Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ

Fal Hazrat Adam علیہ السلام:

You maydo such deeds which give you pleasure and happiness, and people show you obedience. Unseen forces may help you get victory.

Fal Hazrat Shees علیہ السلام:

You may subdue your enemies. However, if you plan a journey, put it on delay for some days since the time is not appropriate for travelling.

Fal Hazrat Idris علیہ السلام:

If passing through a suffering, you may get relief and happiness. If you plan to perform Nikah (marry), you may get a good spouse. You may be blessed with a baby boy, make a successful journey and get your wishes fulfilled.

Fal Hazrat Salih علیہ السلام:

You may get relief from the suffering you might be passing through. If anyone among your close relations is ill, they will get recovered. If someone is lost, they will come back home.

Fal Hazrat Ibrahim علیہ السلام:

Your wishes may come true and you get delighted.Give Sadqa.

Fal Hazrat Ismail علیہ السلام:

If you are passing through some grief, it may go away, and be replaced with a joy. It would be better if you buy a ram (male sheep), sacrifice it in the name of Allah and distribute the meat (mutton) among the needy.

Fal Hazrat Yaqub علیہ السلام:

You are passing through some grief and hardship. It is likely to take some days to go away. So, you need to take help from patience. If anyone among your relatives has been lost, they will come back home and reunite with you.

Fal Hazrat Yusuf علیہ السلام:

You are likely to face some hardships (and grief) in near future. After a few days, the happiness shall return. The enemies may get defeated and the friends will get benefitted.

Fal Hazrat Shu’ayb علیہ السلام:

If you intend to get married, you will get a handsome (pretty) and pious spouse. And you will be blessed with pious offspring. You may get whatever you wish for. Whatever you do is likely to bring better outcome/consequences.

Fal Hazrat Ayyub علیہ السلام:

After a few days, you may be subjected to sufferings and grief.If you bear it with patience, you will soon come out of it. In case any individual who has been lost among your relatives, they will find their way back home.

Fal Hazrat Khizar علیہ السلام:

May Allah Almighty bless you with wealth and riches and you get better product from your garden and crops. Help the needy on daily basis.

Fal Hazrat Dawud علیہ السلام:

You may get livelihood (sustenance) from the unseen sources. You may become rich through righteous means andget a safe way to come out of any difficulty. Don’t be overtaken by grief and remember Allah much.

Fal Hazrat Sulayman علیہ السلام:

It is a rewarding (Mubarak)Fal. May all your tasks be completed, and the enemies are subdued.

Fal Hazrat ‘Īsā علیہ السلام:

It is a good news that your wishes may be fulfilled. You may be blessed with the religious and worldly treasures. But you may not face grief. Give Sadqah to keep grief away.

Fal Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ:

This fall foretells good omens. Your beloved may be of good behavior and character. May you live in pleasure and people put a covering on your vices (hide your wrong deeds). People may behave with you in piety and fairness. Do good with everyone and you will have a better end. You may earn fame in religious and worldly matters.

Disclaimer: The knowledge of the future and that of unseen lies only with Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty alone. So, before you predict the future course of action/events through Ambiya A.S Ka Falnama, it is important to note that it is only Allah who really knows about the future course of events. Humans can only make assumptions. And no one can claim to be 100% percent true in their knowledge about future except the prophets.

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